Administration, defence and social security services (CPV 75)

Min. Value
Max. Value
Average Good Procurement Score over Time

Average Score Year No data
Sector over Time
  • Nr of tenders/Average: Share of tenders in the current sector among all tenders
  • Volume ($)/Absolute: Total value of tenders in the current sector
  • Nr of tenders/Absolute: Nr of tenders in the current sector
  • Volume ($)/Average: Average value of a tender in the current sector
Share of Tenders Year No data
Procedure Type
Number of tenders No data
Main Suppliers

Supplier refers to any company providing goods, works, or services to a public entity (a buyer).

Number of Tenders No data
Main Buyers

Buyer refers to any public entity procuring goods, works, or services from private companies (suppliers).

Number of Tenders No data
Buyers by Region

See in which region the buyers procuring from this supplier are based. Region information was assigned using raw addresses published on the original source, for more details see the Data Explainer on the About page.

No data

Tenders: 0

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